Christmas Morning 2015

A quiet Christmas – no plans to see anyone but just wanted to drive and roam the countryside and empty city streets and take photos of whatever caught my (as they say) “good” eye. Early morning there were mostly joggers out and those walking their dogs. A couple in red Christmas t-shirts ran in sync in a nice neighborhood – they looked like well groomed show ponies as they jogged down the street.

I saw a buck in the morning but could not get a clear photo of him although he was in no hurry to go down his path to the woods. Later in the day I saw my deer family – seven deer who reside at a quaint, secluded, woodsy neighborhood nearby. They don’t mind me driving by and taking a photo. Two were resting on a little ridge and it is always so strange to see deer laying down. Suddenly a smaller deer popped up her head as to see what was going on and shook the snow off her head in a sweet way.

The city streets of Minneapolis were bare and serene – very little traffic so I could have a chance to look at the interesting buildings and murals. A fine Christmas Day and peaceful. More and more I seek solitude and peace and I hope you have that in 2016.


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