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Review: Intrigue in Istanbul (An Agnes Kelly Mystery, Book 1)

A good review on a very good book by Christine Keleny. I also love the title and young Agnes. I hope she writes more books with this character. The setting was intriguing and it was well written.

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  • Title: Intrigue in Istanbul, An Agnes Kelly Mystery Adventure
  • Age Range: 8+
  • Grade Level: Middle School
  • Series: Agnes Kelly Mystery Adventure (Book 1)
  • Hardcover: 180 pages
  • Publication Date: December 25, 2015

Back Cover Blurb:  

    Everyone at the table is as surprised by Grandma’s little maneuver as I am, but I’m not looking at my relatives or even at Peggy, I’ve got my eyes glued on Grandma Agee. She’s reading Uncle Bob the riot act over at the dessert table…I’m concentrating hard on Grandma’s face, specifically her lips. But she’s turned ever so slightly away from me so I can only make out a bit of what she’s saying: “I told ya…” and “…button your lip.” among the finger wagging and eye scowling she’s giving poor Uncle Bob. 

With Grandma’s odd reaction and my dad being gone, unable to explain himself to me ever again, I feel an urgent…

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This Creative Community.  This World We Live In.

I saw this quilt at the Split Rock Lighthouse in northern Minnesota.  This is the daybed in the lighthouse keeper’s house.  The curator said he could lay there and could see the lighthouse from the window.  I found the scene touching somehow.  This was his world. His way of communicating. His lighthouse.  Today we seem overwhelmed by communication that part of me does not like to add to the noise.  But looking at this quilt it reminds me that we all are a part of the story.  All of us have a small piece in this creative community.  We all have a story to tell and we’ve been telling it since the dawn of time.  

Betty’s Blog @Bettyjj22

I’m working on developing my blog.  A new name – Betty’s Blog @Bettyjj22 – the name is simple and I like simplicity.  It’s my name – it’s a blog – and @Bettyjj22 has always been my “handle” for my Instagram account and other media.  My tag line is still a work in progress but I have this so far:

I find there is something raw and beautiful in simplicity & imperfections,  I try to capture this in my photography and my imperfect life.  

I’m blogging to hear what I have to say – to share what I see through my lens.  Nothing too serious going on here – I’ll share my stories and thoughts and my photos of what I see around me.  I’m still working on a path I will go -but for now just wanted to say hi and hope you are well wherever you are.