Catching up on the August Break 2016 photo challenge

It’s almost September! Catching up a little on August Break 2016 photo challenge. I’ll use this nice picture I took with my new IPhone SE at Snail Lake for Peaceful and Evening Light. A two-for. I like it so much it is my phone wallpaper. #augustbreak2016


Day 20 August Break 2016 Photo Challenge. Clouds. #augustbreak2016 

I love clouds. I wish every day could be partly cloudy. I’m one of those weird people who find sunny days depressing.  I took this picture after a big storm.  I always head out to the lake after a big storm to look at the sky. #augustbreak2016. #lakejohanna 

DAY 18 August Break Photo Challenge 2016 #augustbreak2016 “5 Years Ago”

Day 18 of the August Break Photo Challenge – I have not completed all the days of the challenge but I am posting what words resonate with me.  Day 18’s word was “5 years ago”. This is a picture of my Mom Enid at the Pierce County Fair in Ellsworth, WI with her dear friend Betty.  Mom grew up in Ellsworth, WI – a nice little town in a rural area and the County Fair was one of her most cherished places.  She attended the fair all of her life except for the year the stroke hit her when she was almost 80 and then the last year or two of her life (she died at age 93).  My twin sister Bonnie and I made sure she got to the fair all four days and she loved it.  I love this picture of her and her dear friend.  That was the best part of the fair – seeing all your friends.  #augustbreak2016

Enid and Betty at the Fair
Enid and Betty at the Fair

Day 14 August Break Photo Challenge 2016 #augustbreak2016 LOVE IS

Day 14 of the August Break photo challenge. The words for this day are “Love is . . .” Love is being there for your friends. Knowing just what small act of kindness can give comfort and meaning to someone. This is my Mom Enid a few days before she died at the age of 93. Our wonderful friend Jean came to visit Mom. Mom and Jean had a wonderful conversation about quilting and cooking and county fairs and for a little while Mom was not an old woman at the end of her life, but just a friend chatting about the wonderfully, ordinary pleasures of everyday living.

Mom and Jean

August challenge

I’m part of the wonderful August Break 2016 Photo Challenge.  I’m enjoying the process and I’m especially enjoying the creative contributions of other participants but to me August itself is a challenge. The summer starts to feel a bit stale and there’s regret and remorse for the summer things left undone. I’m going to set my Olympus camera aside for a bit as I need to tend to this cat Sam. His mother is traveling and he misses her. But I’ll keep my trusty little IPhone SE handy and see if I find some inspiration for the rest of the  month. #augustbreak2016 #cat