Leaf – Day 2 of the

It is Day 2 of the August Break 2016 Photo challenge proposed by Susannah Conway.   http://www.susannahconway.com/august-break-2016/

Today’s word is “Leaf”.

My leaf is a little yellow leaf from my sweet cousin Sam in Seattle. It was a long, cold, hard Winter in Minnesota.  I like Winter but these were endless days of cold and snow and dark commutes to work.  I came home and felt like it was an endurance test just to get the mail and make it through the front door.  While I was still bundled up in coat and scarf, I opened a small envelope and inside was a brief letter from my cousin and as if it was a sign of Spring to come, a delicate yellow leaf fluttered to the kitchen counter.  I don’t know where the letter is but I’ve kept the leaf as I was so touched by the thought of it.  Our Mothers (mine – Enid and his – Yvonne) used to press fall leaves in heavy books.

The photo is of my Mother Enid (in the blue coat) and Yvonne on a ferry boat in Seattle.  These two little sisters had not seen each other in some time but were always close (that is a story for another day).  #augustbreak2016




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