Day 14 August Break Photo Challenge 2016 #augustbreak2016 LOVE IS

Day 14 of the August Break photo challenge. The words for this day are “Love is . . .” Love is being there for your friends. Knowing just what small act of kindness can give comfort and meaning to someone. This is my Mom Enid a few days before she died at the age of 93. Our wonderful friend Jean came to visit Mom. Mom and Jean had a wonderful conversation about quilting and cooking and county fairs and for a little while Mom was not an old woman at the end of her life, but just a friend chatting about the wonderfully, ordinary pleasures of everyday living.

Mom and Jean


4 thoughts on “Day 14 August Break Photo Challenge 2016 #augustbreak2016 LOVE IS

    1. Thank you and nice to meet you! I like your blog. I love this picture too. It is bittersweet as Mom died a few days later. But it is so special. I recently a posted a picture of Mom a few years ago with a good friend. Mom was a beautiful lady and she would want people to see a picture of her when she looked a little cuter.

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      1. Hi Betty! I revisited your beautiful blog and recognised your lovely mom right away! It is important to remember the ones we love so much and your way of sharing this memory is full of kindness. I am looking forward to reading and seeing more blog entries of you! Best wishes from Vienna! 💜


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