A few final days of December Reflections 2016 smilePhoto Challenge – today is Day 27 – My Smile. Awhile back I posted a picture of my Dad and my friend Heather said “you have his smile” – it’s funny but I never thought about that and it really pleased me to know that I do. Especially since he has passed away in 1967. I also found it very touching that she would notice this as she never met him. Thank you dear friend!


Christmas Eve

I had a quiet Christmas. Lovely with a few friends. Christmas Eve before our rather unusual rain storm (unusual for Minnesota) I went to my secret spot to see how my deer friends were doing. I saw four or five of them and this little one resting. Seeing them nourishes my soul. #decemberreflections2016 #christmaseve #deer 

Day 18 December Reflections 2016 @susannahconway photo challenge – Word is: Reflection

File Dec 18, 8 58 18 PM.jpegre·flec·tion
the throwing back by a body or surface of light, heat, or sound without absorbing it.
“the reflection of light”
synonyms: sending back, throwing back, casting back
“the reflection of light”
serious thought or consideration.
“he doesn’t get much time for reflection”
synonyms: thought, thinking, consideration, contemplation, deliberation, pondering, meditation, musing, rumination; formalcogitation
“after some reflection, he turned it down”
Photo I took at Como Park Conservatory and Zoo on a perfect day – the water reflects the beautiful building and it is the perfect place for soulful reflection.

Day 11 December Reflections 2016 – Biggest Lesson From 2016 – Be Your Authentic Self

File Dec 13, 4 52 24 PM.jpegOne day my sister Bonnie observed that our Mom Enid was authentic. It really struct me as this is so true. She was a wonderful, outgoing, feisty person who could be exhausting in her boundless energy and interest in so many things and people. A person who really seemed to know who she was and you usually knew where she stood on most matters. I realized that people really appreciate you when you are your authentic self. This will be my Word for 2017 and something to ponder. I have the picture of this Heron that I took on a beautiful day just after a storm. All summer I would try and take a picture of this crabby old bird and I thought why do I bother – he almost poses and then swoops away. But one day he was sitting up high in the bushes like an old man he was surveying the waters after the storm. I had my chance to take a good photo. Observing animals and birds tends to teach me that they know their authentic selves and make no apology for it. And I learned to never say never when trying to take a photo! #decemberreflections2016

December Reflections 2016 Day 7 “Five Things about Me” Susannah Conway Photo Challenge

1. I’m 57 – born on November 21. My twin sister Bonnie was born the same day which was a big surprise to my Mom and Dad and my three brothers.
2. I grew up in the rural area of Ellsworth, Wisconsin. I still love to roam around the country roads. Many times I took my Mom for drives in the country. We often went to the house where she grew up. I go there now and it is a place of complete quietness and peace.
3. I love to take photographs- especially nature. This deer is my favorite. I find there is something mystical about deer.
4. I have a good sense of humor but I can’t sing.
5. When I was about 13 I read “Gone With The Wind” 12 times in one year. I have no idea why but it was a pretty good book. (Kind of feel like reading it again).