Day 11 December Reflections 2016 – Biggest Lesson From 2016 – Be Your Authentic Self

File Dec 13, 4 52 24 PM.jpegOne day my sister Bonnie observed that our Mom Enid was authentic. It really struct me as this is so true. She was a wonderful, outgoing, feisty person who could be exhausting in her boundless energy and interest in so many things and people. A person who really seemed to know who she was and you usually knew where she stood on most matters. I realized that people really appreciate you when you are your authentic self. This will be my Word for 2017 and something to ponder. I have the picture of this Heron that I took on a beautiful day just after a storm. All summer I would try and take a picture of this crabby old bird and I thought why do I bother – he almost poses and then swoops away. But one day he was sitting up high in the bushes like an old man he was surveying the waters after the storm. I had my chance to take a good photo. Observing animals and birds tends to teach me that they know their authentic selves and make no apology for it. And I learned to never say never when trying to take a photo! #decemberreflections2016


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