March Days . . . the days I like best.

It’s a quiet sort of day.  The middle of March – gray clouds and mild temperatures in Minnesota.  The hint of Spring coming on. It’s the sort of day I like best.  I’m so glad I grew up in the mid-west with the four seasons and there is something thrilling about a big snow storm, a glorious Autumn day and a Summer day when all is bright and the flowers are blooming but for me I like those mild March days where everything seems to calm down a bit.  The day today is calm as if it knew not much was expected of it.  Nature teaches us we need our rest – we need days to sit and look at the ducks bobbing in the water and days where there’s not much to do except pull out the Scrabble board or read a good book.  Maybe because I’m an introvert – OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAbut I like these calm, quiet March days best.  #march #ducks #marchdays #quietdays #introvert


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