August Break 2017 – Day 11 One Wish

One Wish – Mom

I wish I had taken more videos of my Mom before she passed away a few years ago.  She was a lively, funny, hard working person.  Here she is at her sister’s house telling about the time she accidentally tossed a patient out of her bed while she was trying to make the bed.  A mishap for an otherwise excellent nurse.  As soon as her fiance (my Dad) returned home from World War II she dropped her nursing career and became a full time country housewife.  My Dad died at 51 – my Mom went on to live many years as a widow and raised us five kids and died at 93.  I wish I had taken more videos but this was a special night and I love the sound of my cousins laughing.

August Break 2017 Day 9 Postcards

I love to receive and give postcards but I need to do more of this.  In this day of Facebook and Texting – it is a rare thing to receive a random letter or postcard in the mail. My friend Elizabeth sent me this postcard one time and I really liked the photo – I keep it on my desk at work to remind me of her thoughtfulness and enjoy the photo.  These tangible items are precious.  My Mom was a great letter writer – wrote to friends and family for years and years – sending photos to keep them updated on the family.  I still try and write to some of her friends as she is gone now and they love to remember her.  So do I.  I’ll start sending postcards this week.

File Aug 14, 3 51 39 PM

Day 1 Morning – August Break 2017

One of my favorite morning spots. I like to drive over to Vadnais Heights Lake and look at these trees. They are tall and grand yet their small leaves rustle so delicately in the breeze. Somehow it gives me comfort and perspective to know these trees have been here long before I was born and they’ll be here long after I pass. #augustbreak2017 #trees #vadnaislakesn — at Vadnais Lake.File Aug 04, 6 30 55 PM