My New Valentines Tradition

When it  comes to holidays, I prefer quiet, sweet traditions.  I had the day off on February 14 and woke too early.  Without giving it much thought, I went to the wonderful big Bachman’s garden center on Lyndale Avenue in Minneapolis.  I love winter, but this Minnesota winter has lately been too white and too dreary with some cold weather.  A visit to somewhere relaxing with flowers,

plants and a cute little French cafe was just what I needed.  Because it was Valentines Day, I was delighted to see they opened early at 8:00 am. I spent a lovely morning watching the exotic, colorful fish swim back and forth swishing their feather tails.  I quietly observed the staff getting ready for their big day (“we need more roses!”).  You could see that they took care to wear a bit of red and they were all so helpful and gave their best service for all the folks coming to buy their flowers.  I brought my Olympus PL7 and after months of not really taking any photos, it was wonderful to take photos of the rich colors.  I just might do this every Valentines Day.  Early in the morning.


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