Day 7 Five Things About Me.

Road .JPEG1. I like living in the city, but I’m glad I grew up in the country among good people and the rolling Wisconsin hills. With four seasons that taught you the patient pace of seasons. 2. My mother taught me the art of simplicity. It’s elegant and refreshing and usually the best choice. 3. I think it’s okay to have a calm life. 4. Weekly water aerobics and yoga classes are fun and give me energy. 5. If I could take off one month a year I would choose October. #augustbreak2018


August Break 2018 Day 3 Skin

I didn’t think I would have anything for Day 3 (Skin) but then I saw my friend Tracy and I know she has some beautiful tattoos. She permitted me to share this photo with you and I also had the opportunity to hear the great meaning behind the tattoo (which is really her business to share). I’m not a tattoo type of person (I’m afraid it would hurt too much) – but they do intrigue me when I see some that are so meaningful. Who knows – maybe some day. #augustbreak2018 tattoo

August Break 2018 Day 1 – Morning Light

Day 1 – Morning Light. I took a moment in between rainfalls to take this photo at Lake Johanna near my house. (The nice thing about living in Minnesota is we have lots of lakes!). I’ve done these photo breaks before and this time I decided I’ll just use my iPhone and “be in the moment” and take a photo each day (well – most days – I never pressure myself to do it perfectly). It was a lovely time this morning to get out of the car and take a few moments of reflection, watch a little group of ducks and was delighted to hear a loon calling in the distance. No one there but me and one fisherman out in his boat. #augustbreak2018IMG_8672