Day 7 Five Things About Me.

Road .JPEG1. I like living in the city, but I’m glad I grew up in the country among good people and the rolling Wisconsin hills. With four seasons that taught you the patient pace of seasons. 2. My mother taught me the art of simplicity. It’s elegant and refreshing and usually the best choice. 3. I think it’s okay to have a calm life. 4. Weekly water aerobics and yoga classes are fun and give me energy. 5. If I could take off one month a year I would choose October. #augustbreak2018


August Break 2017 Day 19 Metal (and Day 25 Pretty Weeds)

On a perfect summer day in Wisconsin near where I grew up I saw this old mailbox and old farmhouse.  It would be fun to fix it up and call it Marigold Cottage.  I won’t do that as I’m quite hopeless at fixing up old houses, but it is fun to imagine.