August Break Day 14 “I Love”

I love that moment when you are surprised with a photo you love.  A few years back, I did a lot of nature photography and I took some very nice photos.  Not perfect but many said I had a “good eye” and there were moments I could see a photo in my mind and capture it.  These days my passion for photography has diminished but that’s okay.  There was a reason for such a solitary endeavor and now I have moved to other endeavors.  But I’ll always have those photos and there will occasionally be moments I’ll take a photo I like.  I came across this deer in a somewhat residential area, but she was in a little tree filled areaDeer and we looked at each other calmly before she slipped in to the woods.  It’s always been one of my favorites.  The layers of color and light and the look in her eyes.  #augustbreak2018 #deer #photography #ilove


Day 7 Five Things About Me.

Road .JPEG1. I like living in the city, but I’m glad I grew up in the country among good people and the rolling Wisconsin hills. With four seasons that taught you the patient pace of seasons. 2. My mother taught me the art of simplicity. It’s elegant and refreshing and usually the best choice. 3. I think it’s okay to have a calm life. 4. Weekly water aerobics and yoga classes are fun and give me energy. 5. If I could take off one month a year I would choose October. #augustbreak2018

August Break 2018 Day 3 Skin

I didn’t think I would have anything for Day 3 (Skin) but then I saw my friend Tracy and I know she has some beautiful tattoos. She permitted me to share this photo with you and I also had the opportunity to hear the great meaning behind the tattoo (which is really her business to share). I’m not a tattoo type of person (I’m afraid it would hurt too much) – but they do intrigue me when I see some that are so meaningful. Who knows – maybe some day. #augustbreak2018 tattoo

August Break 2018 Day 1 – Morning Light

Day 1 – Morning Light. I took a moment in between rainfalls to take this photo at Lake Johanna near my house. (The nice thing about living in Minnesota is we have lots of lakes!). I’ve done these photo breaks before and this time I decided I’ll just use my iPhone and “be in the moment” and take a photo each day (well – most days – I never pressure myself to do it perfectly). It was a lovely time this morning to get out of the car and take a few moments of reflection, watch a little group of ducks and was delighted to hear a loon calling in the distance. No one there but me and one fisherman out in his boat. #augustbreak2018IMG_8672

August Break 2018

Time again for Susannah Conway’s inspiring August Break photo challenge.  I always find these to be such an interesting experience and it is fun to see all the posts from all over the world.  I decided this time to only use my iPhone 7 camera and to use the photo I take that day rather than using my Olympus camera and past photos.  This will keep me more mindful and in the moment even if the photo lacks the polish and brilliance I might get with my Olympus camera.  It’s all about mindfulness and reflection and the joy of sharing with others.  I’ll do it most days, but some I might miss – but that’s okay.  It’s all good.  #augustbreak2018 #mindfulness August Break