August Break 2017 Day 4 Where I Live

clouds 17I live in Shoreview, Minnesota. This is Grasslake Nature Preserve which is near my house. It is always quiet and peaceful and occasionally I see deer, lovely goldfinch, prairie tall grasses, flowers and once even a muskrat scurrying across the road. I love clouds and the clouds were epic yesterday. I love living in a state with four distinct seasons and I never take our many trees and lakes for granted. #augustbreak2017 #clouds

Just let ducks be ducks

Having a quiet summer.  Catching up on life, friends, books and such.  I like this quiet picture of some ducks swimming at twilight when the sun is getting low and shimmers on the water.  Someone on twitter praised my picture and then said “I like how you just let the ducks be ducks”.  I like that too – it was my intention.


Summer Days

I don’t really like summer but I know there are many finally basking in the warm (too hot for me) sunshine and longer days in Minnesota.  I prefer Autumn which is all too brief and the newness of Spring and that Spring green everywhere and sometimes the quiet snow of Winter and the excitement of a Winter storm if you can be safe inside and off the roads. But I do like the flowers blooming in summer and the dry roads to drive on and slower days where life is slightly less busy.  Good to follow the rhythms of nature.  Enjoy your summer wherever you are!  #summerflowers #june #summerdays OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA