OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAMeet Diego – my daredevil, dumpster diving friend. Prince of the Coffey Hall Dumpster. He had the temerity to just simply stare at me while enjoying his latest score (looks like a piece of wheat bread – possibly whole wheat) while I was shooting him. He knows he owns this dumpster. This is his turf. I think for his birthday I’ll toss in a cherry cupcake with white icing and sprinkles – really blow his mind. #diegothesquirrel #saintpaulcampus


A few final days of December Reflections 2016 smilePhoto Challenge – today is Day 27 – My Smile. Awhile back I posted a picture of my Dad and my friend Heather said “you have his smile” – it’s funny but I never thought about that and it really pleased me to know that I do. Especially since he has passed away in 1967. I also found it very touching that she would notice this as she never met him. Thank you dear friend!